Graphic, video and web Designers

Area of activity

A pillar of the Smartive’s activity is designing engaging internal communication campaigns. Our campaign are distributed in all internal communication media of the client organization: form ambient media and printed materials (office spaces, gadgets, etc) to digital channels (intranet, website, videos, etc).

Who we are searching for

We are interested to meet new fresh minds, small production teams and freelancers in the following area:

  • Graphic and visual design with the capability to decline the visual identity of the Smartive’s Transformation program in all the channels. Production skills on digital media are really appreciated (CSS, Banner and advertising formats, Powerpoint and authoring platforms)

  • Video and multimedia production for shooting, editing and post-producing videos for different uses (internal social media, video walls, e-learning, etc). Motion graphic mastering and agile equipment for fast productions are required.

  • Web production teams (graphics and front end development) for quick customizations and web productions such as mini sites, internal sections of intranet etc. We always operate in a corporate environment and we need to adapt to different standard platforms.