the open transformation:
our methodology for the cultural change


The Open Transformation is the Smartive’s proprietary strategic framework for driving the people change in the Digital Era.
As a continuous learning process, the framework includes a series of experiential formats and a Transformation Journey model.
To optimise the effect, the methodology foresees what initiatives have to be done during the journey. Smartive maps the population with its own diagnostic tool SmartiveMap and tracks the improvements with the Smartive Index, an holistic KPI to measure the level of Digital competences and openness to change all along the journey.



Change is acquired by trying and doing: the Open Transformation aims to engage people with active learning experiences



We drive the Change in an Agile way: short and reiterative cycles of activities with a based on listening and design thinking approach



All our formats include moments of cross-functional and outside-in contamination: start-uppers, peers, talents are actively involved.



We map the attitude to the Digital Transformation and, we track the improvements with ourproprietary analytics tools


our formats are designed to increase the engagement of the employees through sharing, experiencing and matching