transforming companies it’s a TOO hard work to be done alone.

we focus on people, we enable new technologies adoption, innovation, business disruption. there are a lot opportunities to partner with us.

We are interested to collaborate with solutions providers, business consultants, innovation players in different areas of the Digital Transformation. Below there are the areas where we are focusing for new possible strategic partnerships. If you are interested to go through a possible collaboration with us, please contact us with the form.



Adopting a new technology, a new platform, new software solutions in a large organization today is more and more strategic. But the main obstacle usually is not legacy or budget restraints but people. It’s not only about change management: it’s about changing culture, embracing new processes, envisioning new opportunities. This is a job we can do well and it can be very useful for the following players:

  • Technology vendors

  • System integrators

  • IT consultants

Business innovation

Digital transformation is searching for new ways of doing business enabled by technology. The Smartive’s Open Transformation helps companies and large organizations to develop a new mindset and an internal culture that facilitates the development of innovative projects. Our focus is changing people and this is why can are happy to collaborate with players such as:

  • Business innovation consultancy firms

  • Startups



In the Open Transformation methodology we leverage on experiential, peer-to-peers, learning-by-doing education to increase digital competences of people. We are interested in meeting potential partners related to the fantatstic world of Edutech, suche as:

  • E-learning Content providers

  • Corporate Education providers

  • Techincal and instructional training providers

other areas

We are open to listen to players active in different Digital Transformation areas, such as:

  • Data & Analytics providers and consultants

  • Hr tech consultants and integrators

  • Industry 4.0

  • Digital marketing and communication Agencies