co-designing the new EARLY CAREER path



Enabling the generational exchange  and engage the new hired Cisco population to create a new community, facilitating their inclusion in the company.



  • Concept, general organization and management

  • Selection of relevant speakers

  • Selection of the locations and events production

  • Organization of a 2 days experience


  • Massimo Temporelli, Founder Fablab

  • Mirna Pacchetti, CEO InTribe



a cross-generations path



Cisco wants to stimulate internal collaboration between different generations in the company.


  • Ideation and design of the experience

  • Organization, logistics and production of the event (location, catering, materials, logistics, suppliers)

  • Event coordination and facilitation

  • Follow up and coordination of work groups with a Design Thinking approach

  • Selection of guest managers as external relevant speakers

  • Initial and final event production (organization, selection of jury members, coordination)

  • Organization of a learning expedition as prize


We considered how different generations, different organizations’ components could find a common denominator on a project so important to our company.

Agostino Santoni; CEO Cisco Italia

What I liked the most is that the company thought of different generations and challenged them. They took and carried on, thanks to the help of their facilitators and their personal experiences.

Valentina Parenti; Co-Founder GammaDonna e GammaForum