our formats are designed to increase the engagement of the employees through sharing, experiencing and matching

Innovation is sharing

Sharing Groups encourage sharing and understanding of key digital topics through discussions and comparisons with top executives and managers within a non-competitive environment

Experience, learn, share

We coach your employees with in-house training initiatives led by our Smartive Community members: our peer-to-peer approach leverages on the effectiveness of learning from the experience of colleagues coming from other companies.

be where change happens

Events, conferences and exhibitions: it's all about new trends, new solutions, new interesting technology. We provide the company with a service to select the best learning opportunities in the world


Our brainstorming sessions mix internal people with external young talents in inspiring locations outside the company


Digital Summits are large conventions very useful to dive into the key digital topics or to celebrate successful pilot projects


We organize digital championship programs to engage with the advocates of the digital change: future points of reference for spreading the transformation 


GooD morning, smart morning!

Informal meetings at breakfast (or lunch) time are powerful moments to exchange and engage

The control room of the change

Pilot projects are hosted in co-working spaces where people from different functions work together

Let's change, let's go digital!

Impactful programs of internal communication to underline the importance of the transformation

scouting in the digital era is strategic

We help managers to find the right digital partners and we organize special matching events open to all buying players

Supporting in right decisions

We help manager to evaluate the right proposal and partner, using reviews of all the members of our community 

Measuring the performances

We help managers to measure the performance of agencies aligning the internal players' expectations

Are you an agency or a digital service provider?

We are constantly looking for new digital providers for our scouting activities. 
Attend a selection, an open day or other future initiatives.

change is driven by re-connecting people and organization in an ecosystem of innovation