IT Consultant

Area of activity

A part of the Smartive’s activity is developing and integrating with the API digital tools for customizations. We use a lot fo digital tools and we need continuous improvements for delivering integrated digital and physical experiences during our Journeys. Simple and more complex configurations as well as scanning new opportunities for integration and workarounds are required.

Who we are searching for

We are searching for an IT consultant to partner with us and provide with support on demand for specific projects and for internal needs. The skills required are:

  • Full understanding of our needs and continuous evolving business, based on services for large corporations and transformational activities

  • Good knowledge of the main digital workplace platforms, especially Office 365 platform and apps, Windows and Mac OS,

  • Security and data protection issues mastering

  • Curiosity and openness to face new challenges in agile way, considering of the standard corporate context of the Smartive’s projects. .