Smartive Scouter

Area of activity

All the Smartive’s formats and methodology fro the transformation are based on continuous scanning of external opportunities, events, digital players and many other elements of the Innovation ecosystems. Scanning, evaluating and mapping these kinds of opportunities is a key factor for the success of our programs.

We are searching for students and freelancing junior consultants with background on business, marketing and new technologies available for occasional collaborations. The whole activity can be done remotely.

What will you do?

  • Searching online for a range of potential partners, digital players etc

  • Evaluating the relevance of the found solutions and matching with a scorecard provided

  • Filling a report following e provided template

What we believe will help you excel in this role?

  • General knowledge and understating of digital business: if you an hungry reader of everything about new technologies, startups, innovation, the impact of digital on business you can be the right person

  • Curiosity and ability to search information online: scouting is searching and filtering relevant information on the basis of specific needs and requests. You’ll be required to find organizations, events or people following a rate matrix which implies your evaluation skills to distinguish what’s really interesting from what it is not.